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· 3 min read

Changing dependencies: A common use case on software development.


ShowMeTheData (fictional name) is a company that works with data analytics. Their product uses a simple Javascript charting library for data visualization.

Having the chart change dynamically based on the chosen time interval required a more complex solution. The timestamp filtering on the product was not flexible enough. Instead of developing this logic internally, they searched the market for a more appropriate charting library. The chosen Library was ChartJs, which has TimeSeries scales done out-of-the-box.

· 5 min read

A guide on feature flags key concepts and how to use them.

So, what is a feature flag?

A feature flag is a software development practice used to launch new features, without deploying new code. It decouples deployment lifecycle from product launches and allows software to be tested in production without impacting customers.

"A feature flag is a control switch to turn on/off software experiences.

· 6 min read

Create a simple approach using ECS improving on our previous solution using AWS Elastic Beanstalk


If you're following our blog posts chronologically, you'll see I've made a blunder in the past of trying to use AWS Elastic Beanstalk to support 2 Nodejs web apps in the same instance. (see here). This blog post aims at providing a simple alternative using another AWS compute service, Elastic Container Service (ECS).

Let's get into it!