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1-Click Flags: A simple way to create and use feature flags

· 3 min read
Luis Silva
Miguel Sousa

Changing dependencies: A common use case on software development.


ShowMeTheData (fictional name) is a company that works with data analytics. Their product uses a simple Javascript charting library for data visualization.

Having the chart change dynamically based on the chosen time interval required a more complex solution. The timestamp filtering on the product was not flexible enough. Instead of developing this logic internally, they searched the market for a more appropriate charting library. The chosen Library was ChartJs, which has TimeSeries scales done out-of-the-box.

To guarantee a smooth migration, ShowMeTheData wants to experiment with this library for a brief period of time; they need to be able to disable it and get back to using the previous library if something goes wrong, be it a bug or performance issue, that negatively impacts customers.

This use case is a perfect scenario for feature flag usage. However, feature flags have a great number of configuration possibilities, taking time to setup. Even in Remote Flags, designed to be easy to use and accelerate this process, sometimes you just want an On/Off switch. If you haven’t committed to any feature flag platform yet, you need to sign up and setup a new account.

Enter 1-Click Flags.


A 1-Click flag is a feature flag that’s fast to create and easy to use. With just one click, a fully functional feature flag is created and ready to use. After that, you just need to get its status in the code to change the behaviour of the application. For the ShowMeTheData use case, the 1-Click flag is used to gate the render logic using ChartJs or fallback to the previous rendering. Furthermore, 1-Click flags may be easily shared between users, by sharing the admin URL. This lets another user, for example the SRE, switch off the flag, if something goes wrong.

Why should you use 1-Click flags?

  • Fast to create.
  • Easy to use.
  • Free.
  • No signup needed.
  • Share flag with other people.
  • Extend time-to-live.
  • Signup and import 1-Click flag to account.

Start exploring feature flags with our 1-Click flags. Get to know about feature flags benefits and what it empowers you to do at Remote Flags.